You need to understand the psychology of debt and seek help from a debt counsellor in order to develop a healthy relationship with your emotions and money. Your finances reflect your state of mind and the only way to sustain any improvements in your financial health is to look inwards and have a genuine change of heart.

In order to trully change, you must first pinpoint the emotional issues at the core of your debt accumulating behaviours. You can break the cycle of debt by getting back to basics and understanding the psychology of debt behaviours .

A is for Audit

The first and biggest step towards becoming debt free is to simply be honest with yourself. Ask yourself why you overspend and admit you’re dependent on a lifestyle that is not making you as happy as you convince yourself it is.  Accept that certain behaviours have gotten you to this point and that they need to be addressed. Be honest about the real pain that is compelling you to continue on in the same way as before.

B is for Blueprint

Grasping the psychology of debt will enable you to discover new ways of feeling okay with yourself. Open yourself up to different possibilities of building up your self-worth. Envision what your new, improved life could be, if you were to make certain proactive changes. Continue on in this way until this new vision of your life becomes clearer, stronger and more magnetic than old behaviours.

C is for Culture

Invent a new culture and way of life. Keep in mind that Rome wasn’t built in a day and allow yourself to enjoy immersing yourself in the process. Continue to audit yourself and take note of your emotions. Redraft your blueprint until it becomes the force that drives you most in life, enabling you to constantly evolve and grow.

Delving into the psychology of debt will refresh your outlook.  Paired with debt counselling, you’ll be able to ease your way out of the debt spiral by changing your life incrementally and sustainably. One day at a time, until your positive new behvaiours become second nature and your debt disappears as a result.