Why should I make use of Help with Debt’s debt review services?

  • The National Credit Regulator (NCR) regulates the fees we include for our debt review services in your affordable debt repayment plan.
  • Our Help with Debt team is comprised of top professionals, including attorneys, accountants and debt review specialists.
  • Help with Debt has developed strong relationships with many South African Credit Providers and boasts a high success rate when it comes to our outstanding debt review services.
  • We, at Help with Debt pride ourselves on having a great reputation for our quality debt review services and highly skilled debt counsellors.
  • Our attorneys are debt counselling specialists, who are always the first to know when changes are made to the law that affect the field of debt counselling. We are connected to networks of established professionals all over South Africa, who enhance our debt review services by sharing their knowledge and skills with us.
  • You don’t have to waste time and energy travelling to our offices, as all of our consultations are done over the phone. While documents are exchanged via e-mail or fax for maximum convenience and minimum effort. Making our debt review services all the more appealing, so you won’t hesitate to take advantage of them.
  • Since the National Credit Act came into force, Help with Debt has helped thousands of happy clients with our successful debt review services.