In order to achieve your goal of becoming debt-free, you need to fully commit yourself to the debt review plan that your debt counsellor lays out for you.

Here are some tips for ensuring your debt review goes according to plan

  • Express all of your concerns with the debt review plan to your debt counsellor. Be completely honest and disclose all information that you think may be of use
  • Your debt counsellor is only as good as the information you provide them with. So if you are ever in doubt, simply communicate with them.
  • Stick to the payment arrangements as outlined in the debt review plan, don’t default or make partial payments as this will lead to legal termination
  • The payments you make to the PDA are your top priority and you should NEVER fall short on them
  • Do not overspend, instead cut out unnecessary luxuries, downgrade your house and car if needs be and embrace your new streamlined lifestyle – less debt means a simpler, freer, less complicated existence– less is more! Make careful decisions about where you shop and what you buy – most importantly, always stick to your debt review plan!

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