Debt review in Durban is essentially the reorganising and rescheduling of your debt payments. Debt review in Durban is aimed at rehabilitation consumers who find themselves over-indebted, and are struggling to repay their debts. The purpose of debt review in Durban is to settle your debts and be issued with a clearance certificate, clearing your name of all negative listings.
At Help With Debt, our debt counsellors can help you to plan payments that are budget-friendly and well-suited to your current financial position. The debt counsellor assigned to your case will suggest an appropriate repayment plan to your credit providers, after taking all of your expenses and income into account. This plan will show the amount of income you are able to allocate to your expenses and your debt repayments. Factoring in your earnings will allow your debt counsellor to arrange more sensible amounts for your debt repayments.