Debt Review Centurion was put into action by the National Credit Act (NCA) in 2005 to help over-indebted consumers repay their debts. While debt review Centurion is available to consumers all over South Africa, unfortunately, if you are unemployed and are not receiving any form of income, you will not be able to qualify for debt review. On the other hand, if you are earning a salary and are able to make monthly payments over a reasonable period of time, debt review Centurion is the best way to go.
The major benefit of debt review is that the process is enforced and protected by the law. The NCA protects and benefits consumers in a number of ways. Debt review in Centurion has saved many homes and vehicles from being seized, as consumers who are under debt review are protected from credit providers who threaten to take legal action against them. However, even credit providers like support debt review, as it guarantees that they will receive payments from the consumer without having to go to great pains to reclaim the monies owed to them.