The richly historic capital of South Africa, Pretoria, is home to many world-renowned tourist attractions. This means that consumers living in this area may find themselves in need of debt consolidation in Pretoria. Having helped thousands of indebted consumers, Help With Debt knows that debt can affect consumers from all walks of life. Therefore, we offer debt consolidation in Pretoria to help rehabilitate your finances.
Our debt consolidation service in Pretoria will not only consolidate your payments into one, but also allow you to make a much lower single payment each month. Furthermore, you will not have to take out a big loan to do so. This method does not come with the risk of temptation to spend that consolidation loan, instead of using it to settle all of your little debts. In which case, you would end up far worse off than before.
Unfortunately, not all consumers will receive debt consolidation loans, as only those who are permanently employed with a monthly income of no less than R5000 can qualify.