The End of the Cyber-Affair 

You may have read all about the scandalous security breach of the adulterers’ dating website, Ashley Madison, eclipsing the news and hooking readers all over the globe, since its announcement last week.

Just to play catch up, Ashley Madison is a Canadian social networking or paid online dating service for people who are married or in committed relationships, brandishing the tagline, “Life is short, have an affair.”

With 37 million users’ worldwide and attracting 124 million visits monthly, Ashley Madison’s outrageous success has been unprecedented.

In South Africa, figures showed that Johannesburg had the highest rate of Ashley Madison users, with 15 000 Joburgers caught with their pants down, Cape Town had 12 500 Casanovas, Pretoria had 10 000 philanderers, and Durban had 6 300 Don Juans.

Impact Team are the group of brazen hackers that infiltrated Ashley Madison and dumped 9GB of their confidential data onto the Dark Web, a system that can only be accessed via a specialised browser. Not long after, the highly sensitive information went viral, scandalising the globe.

The Devil is in The Credit Details

It is staggering to note that, within 7 years, South African men have spent about R21 million in credit to engage in lewd chats with unavailable women on Ashley Madison.

The technology blog, made use of credit card details to mine data on the credit card payments made by Ashley Madison users.

As follows, it was discovered that 70 816 credit transactions came from South Africa, averaging on 7 credit transactions per person. Whereas, around 10 116 South Africans paid for the dating site’s services via credit, during the 7 years, spanning August 2008 to April 2015.

As this estimate doesn’t take PayPal transactions into account, but only those done from SA bank accounts, the true figure is likely to be higher. Also, credit payments were made in several currencies.

The Curious Use of Credit Cards

Curious to observe, were the many credit cards taken out in female names, as Ashley Madison’s services were free to women. Perhaps this points to a significant number of spouses being in open relationships or marriages, or husbands using their wives’ credit cards on the sly, or maybe even wives pretending to be their husbands.

Among those exposed as Ashley Madison users were high-profile private citizens, members of government and high-ranking police officers. Irrespective, the Ashley Madison hack and data leak has been one of the most notorious online sex scandals in years and will foreseeably culminate in the company collapsing.

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