Once we have have accepted your application to enter into the Debt Review process, your Credit Providers can no longer take any further legal action against you ‘the consumer’, pending the decision of your Debt Counsellor as to if you are ‘Over-Indebted’ or not. Should you be found to be ‘Over-Indebted’, you will need to stay under Debt Review until all debt is settled.

No permanent record will be kept of you having undergone Debt Review on any consumer Credit Bureau database, once you have finished your repayment plan with us and are debt free. We contact the Credit Bureau, who then remove this information, so the process leaves no black mark against your name, unlike with Administration.

The repayment of your debts is done through one easy single regular monthly payment so no more having to juggle your finances and coming unstuck.

Your Debt Counsellor will make sure to set aside a certain amount of income for your essentials (food, school fees, transport costs etc.), and you will then use whatever money you have left over to pay your debts. So with this new payment plan, you will never have to pay more than you can afford.

A registered Debt Counsellor like Help With Debt is more likely to get a much more positive response from your creditors, when negotiating your repayments, than you might as a consumer.

A qualified Debt Counsellor will always be able to advise you on ways to cut your monthly outgoings.

We take away all of the worry and stress that being in debt causes. You will get solid advice and your anxiety will be alleviated just knowing that you are doing something about the problem.
Knowing that one day all the debt will be erased, as will any record of it, will immediately put your mind at ease.

No more demanding creditors contacting you. No more letters that you are too scared to open, so you throw them away. No more phone calls you avoid picking up. Dealing with the problem, rather than ignoring it, will give you an instant feeling of relief.


While you are under debt review, you will no longer have access to new credit.

While this might initially seem like a negative thing, this is in fact built into the process to protect you from sinking further into the the black debt hole.