To be over indebted is to have more debt than you could possibly pay – your debt monthly is more than your income monthly. You can also be classified as over indebted if you are in arrears on three payments or more, for a certain amount of time – usually three months. Basically when you cannot possibly afford to pay debt and each month pushed your further and further behind, it is time to seek help. This is where debt review comes into play. Debt review is the responsible way for over indebted consumers to regain a foothold on their credit and ensure a bright future financially. Taking note from a debt counselor, guided through the process, debt review allows over indebted consumers to distance themselves from the credit market, reduce their risk and also correct their financial standing over time. As you are unable to take on extra credit while under review, this allows you reduced spending and a degree of legal protection from debt collectors or creditors while you are renegotiating and making payments.