While you are under the Debt Review process, a flag indicating that you are under Debt Review will be added to your name at the Credit Bureaus. Once you have completed your debt payment plan in full, we will contact the Credit Bureaus and inform them of this, and they will erase the flag from your file, thus, removing any notices that you were ever under debt review.

If you do not apply in the first place, this could make your situation much worse. If you skip or miss your monthly instalments on any of your Credit Agreements, these will be listed as non-payments. This must be avoided at all costs!

Once you have paid all of your debts off, there will be no record kept on your file at the Credit Bureaus. So, with this in mind, if you would like to be able to apply for credit in the future when you are back on your feet again, Debt Review is the way to go, rather than trying to handle your Credit Providers all on your own, which clearly is not working for you right now.