SA consumers don’t trust banks

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A recent study performed by researchers at the Boston Consulting Group found that South African consumers don’t trust banks. Although South Africa is the largest economy on the African continent, our country is plagued by high levels of unemployment, income inequality and a poor education system. While mistrust, high prices and lack of relevant services [...]

Credit Ombud Receives Fewer Complaints over EAOs

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Credit Ombud Annual Report The High Court case between Stellenbosch’s Legal Aid Clinic (LAC) and Flemix & Associates last year is unquestionably behind the Office of the Credit Ombud receiving fewer complaints about EAOs. Credit Ombudsman, Nicky Lala Mohan said this at his annual report last week. EAOs EAOs or emoluments attachment orders require the [...]

How to Achieve Financial Freedom

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Achieving financial freedom is no stroll in the park, but it’s undoubtedly an incredibly worthwhile endeavour. Money. We all spend it to survive, some of us see it as a measure of success, a handful of us save it to build a financially secure future, and most of us stress over it, as there is [...]