10 Spending Don’ts to Help You Save

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Since the start of 2016, consumers have been spending a lot more, after being hit with one price increase after the next. It has become glaringly evident that we all need to learn how to make every rand earned stretch and we need to do this ASAP. One of the simplest ways to make ends [...]

SA Consumers to Pay Less for Credit Insurance!

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Cap on Maximum Credit Insurance Premiums On Friday, 13 November 2015, the Department of Trade and Industry (dti) released draft legislation, proposing the maximum premium chargeable on credit insurance be capped at a much lower rate. Credit life insurance writes off a consumer’s debt, in the event of death, unemployment or other circumstances that leave [...]

South African Men Spent R21M in Credit on Ashley Madison!

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The End of the Cyber-Affair  You may have read all about the scandalous security breach of the adulterers’ dating website, Ashley Madison, eclipsing the news and hooking readers all over the globe, since its announcement last week. Just to play catch up, Ashley Madison is a Canadian social networking or paid online dating service for [...]